Curricular Journal

A major instrument of our advising partnership will be your curricular journal. This will allow you to keep track of your learning goals in a way that informs me and reminds you. As you make course selections, this will be a venue for you to justify your curriculum in the context of liberal education elements. You may also wish to reflect on other goals or questions. It could additionally be an instrument for recording (and perhaps digesting) information gathered from external sources, such as the CDO or OCS. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, it will be the medium for our pre-registration advising meeting agenda(s).
In addition to this, I will ask you to keep your four-year plan updated in a wiki format. This will ensure it is always accessible to both of us, while also allowing us to keep track of the changes that may occur as your goals develop. Any changes you make should be explained, in one way or another, on your journal.
To access your journal and wiki, log in to PioneerWeb and go to the organization "Jerod Weinman's Advisees." This can be found under the Community tab, in the center list "Organizations in which you are participating". Alternatively, you may directly visit the URL (you may need to log in to PioneerWeb first if you are not already). I will add you to this organization when you become an advisee.
I am subscribed to your journal so that I will know if you post something that I may need to see in order to help me advise you. By default, access to these electronic resources is restricted to only you and me.