Each semster, registration is an important catalyst that helps to drive your exploration. At this very busy time, you will be responsible for defining the agenda of our registration meetings. Here is how we will proceed.

Background Work

Review your four-year plan and reconsider it in light of your experiences this semester and last. You should also review our advising timeline for extra-curricular, co-curricular, and post-grad or career considerations. Take into account any unforeseen conflicts or new interests. Examine the course lists for available possibilities; remember to look at the special topics courses.

Preparation Content

You will post at least 7 course selections (4 top choices and 3 alternatives) to your journal. Please include the course number, full name, and scheduled meeting time(s). For each course, you will write one or two sentences explaining how the course (Note that amounts to three items for seven courses, a total of twenty-one things.)
Next, synthesize these choices by writing a few sentences about any other thematic goals and/or co-curricular activities contributing to them.
If you make any changes to your four-year plan, review your previous written rationale or journal posts and then explain these changes. In particular, you must highlight how your new course selections continue to relate to and cover all elements of a liberal education.
You may also wish to post any outstanding questions you have. It is conceivable that you may have more questions than declarations (i.e., course selections)-this is OK. If that is the case, you must still reflect on these and put them in writing as helpful preparation for our meeting.

How-To Post

You will complete a template in your online journal using the following steps.
  1. Create a new post: at the top of the page, mouse over "New" and then click "Post"
  2. Insert the registration template: above the text box, click "Insert Template"
  3. Select the "Registration for {Fall - Spring} ..." option at the top and click "Insert Template" from beneath the preview.
  4. Change the title to "Registration for Fall 2046" (or whatever the next semester is)
  5. Replace "Your answer" in the subsequent comments using your preparation from above.
  6. Click "Save Draft" at any time to save your work and return to it later.
    Important: When you compose a new post, be sure to click the "Save Draft" button before leaving the editing area. This will mark your page or post as privately published, and it will be visible only to you and to me. If you do not, the post will show you as currently editing, and it may be visible to other student advisees (due to a software flaw).
  7. Check the "Registration" category.
  8. When you are finished, click "Publish".
Publishing your post this will make the result visible only to me but will trigger an email I will use as a cue to review your posting.


I will signal approval of your preparation with an email about comments on your journal or else ask you to make enhancements. Once I have explicitly approved your preparation, you may sign-up for a pre-registration meeting via the time slots on the advising site: YOU MAY NOT SIGN UP FOR A MEETING UNTIL EXPLICITLY APPROVED.
Before our meeting,
print a hard copy of your
During our meeting
you should take notes regarding your questions (i.e., answers or referrals).
After our meeting,
you should post any information gathered or clarification received to your journal (particularly if another meeting is required).
If registration elements are not satisfied after our initial meeting, you should do whatever work is necessary and post relevant clarifications, reflections, etc., to your journal so that you may sign-up for another meeting.
The process above will allow us to have an expedient, productive discussion from which you can gain the greatest benefit. Time is valuable for both of us and I value your curricular choices. Thus, if you are not prepared for registration, I may not approve your online registration.