About the Course
CSC 105 The Digital Age Spring 2011

What questions about the course do you have that are not answered by the web site?

What format will the exams be? (essays, short answer, multiple choice or a mix?)
They will be short answer, mostly. You'll also be asked to solve small problems similar to the type we've covered in class lectures, homeworks, and lab exercises.
Is the final exam on Thursday, May 19th in the morning or the afternoon?
Are all reading responses and homework assignments submitted via email?
No. After this I would like hard copies of all your assignments unless specifically directed otherwise.
Will this be useful in the technological aspect of Electronic Music?
We'll talk a little bit about how music is represented digitally.
Will we be doing any programming?
Yes, a little bit for a week or two.
Is the Communications of the ACM a subscription we have to pay for?
Not for the readings in the class. However, an annual student membership to ACM is relatively inexpensive ($19).
What would a "particularly clear or insightful response" look like?
Hallmarks of excellent writing to me include creative, original ideas expressed in superb style. (For a notion of what that means, see the book Style: Lessons in Clarity and Grace by Joseph Williams.)
Jerod Weinman
Created 7 January 2011
Revised 26 January 2011