Assignment 0: Syllabus and Questionnaire

Assigned: Monday, 24 January
Due: Wednesday, 26 January, 1 pm

Goals: To have you gather information about the structure of the course and give me a little information about you.

Collaboration: Each student should turn in his or her own version of the assignment. However, you may certainly sit with other students as you review the course materials and answer the questions. You may discuss the assignment with anyone you wish. You may obtain help from anyone you wish, but you should clearly document that help.

Submitting: Please send your responses to me as plain text in the body of an email with the subject "CSC105 Assignment 0". Please do NOT send an attachment.

(It is much faster and easier for me to respond to the contents of your email this way. Because I use a variety of computer types, attachments do not always play nicely with my e-mail client, host system, software, etc. Plain text is never a problem.)

  1. Read the course web site .
  2. Write up answers to the following questions about the course:
    1. What does this class assume about your background?
    2. What should you do to prepare for class?
    3. What should you do if you don't finish a lab during class?
    4. How can you figure out what assignments you have due?
    5. What happens if you turn in homework late?
    6. When is it appropriate to collaborate/work with other students and when is it not you not appropriate(for this class)?
    7. How can you obtain help from me? From your fellow students?
    8. What questions about the class do you have that aren't answered by the Web site?
  3. Write up answers to the following questions about yourself:
    1. Who is your advisor?
    2. Where are you from?
    3. What is your [intended] major?
    4. What other courses are you taking? (Please give course titles as well as numbers.)
    5. What do you expect to learn or gain from this course?
    6. What are your concerns about this course?
    7. Tell me something about yourself that you'd like me to ask you more about later (e.g., your goals, a hobby, a book that made a big impression on you).
    8. What questions do you have for me that have not already been answered?

Jerod Weinman

Last revised 26 January 2011
Based on CSC 213, Fall 2006 : Lab 0, Janet Davis.
With thanks to Sam Rebelsky and Janet Davis