Reading Responses

CSC105 - The Digital Age

To help you prepare for our discussions on the social, legal, and ethical impacts of computing technology, each day we have a discussion you will write a few thoughtful paragraphs in which you reflect on and respond to the reading(s). These are due at the beginning of class (typically on Mondays).
Your reflections might
While you must read all the articles for discussion, your reflection should integrate material from at least two articles.

Grading Considerations


Please type your responses using a double-spaced 12 point font with 1 inch margins. It should be 300-500 words long (more than one page, less than two pages). Include, your name, date, and the subject of the readings (e.g., "Intellectual Property") in the header.
Please print your response double-sided to conserve paper.


When it is unambiguous which article is being referred to (i.e., the day's readings have only one article by that author), you may simply cite the author of an article inline or in parentheses. For example,
Hoffman reports that Hollywood may be more interested in leveraging DRM controls than preventing piracy.
While the Google Books settlement could establish a clear fair use precedent (Hoffman), this may not be the most important aspect of the case.
When there are multiple articles by the same author, you may disambiguate by including the year:
Clarifying the return of orphan works to the public domain is the most important aspect of Samuelson's (2007) argument for copyright reform.
Guidelines for statutory damages, which are currently lacking (Samuelson, 2007), ought to set a high threshold in an age where many are one click from a violation.
If the year fails to disambiguage the author, you may include the issue number as well, e.g., (Samuelson, 10, 2007).
Finally, if you use a brief direct quote, snippet, or anything else that should be more specifically referenced, please include the page number in your citation, e.g., (Samuelson, 10, 2007, p. 23).
You do not need to include a works cited list for articles from the assigned reading for the day. However, any other external material should be properly and completely referenced.