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CSC 207 Algorithms and Object-Oriented Design Spring 2011

What questions about the class do you have that aren't answered by the Web site?

Would you say that this course (based on the way you would teach it) will be like an Intro Class or would you say it would be more difficult and challenging than an Intro Class?
The concepts will certainly be more advanced than the 100-level courses. But like them you'll be expected to apply the topics in new, interesting, and sometimes challenging ways.
What the approximate ratio of lab/lecture days?
There are (I think) 22 labs. and 4*14=56 class days.
Can we possibly go over the whole submission procedure and your expectations for a statement of correctness?
I probably won't review the submission procedure in class as the written documentation is (I hope) fairly thorough. However, if you are uncertain about a detail, please ask. As for testing and correctness, I expect, at a minimum:
Are we going to be learning to use a Java integrated development environment as the course description suggests?
Yes. Emacs has an extension that does all the nifty things IDEs generally do.
Will any previosu exams or homework assignments be available before an exam that we can use to prepare for the given exam?
No, but I find many of the textbook exercises can fulfill this role well.
Are we going to make windowed Java Programs? Or only terminal text-based programs?
Primarily we'll be using the terminal, but I hope with some interesting applications!
What editor are we using for this class?
Emacs during labs. (See IDE question above.) It will be set up usefully, I hope, though I won't force you to use it outside of class. I don't want to strand your lab partner on something foreign, however, which is why I'd ask you to use it in clas.
Will I be able to remote access our Java editor/compiler from another computer?
Yes. You can simply log-in remotely via ssh. You could also download the Java suite for your host platform.
Are you going to touch on the mechanics of digital AI during this course?
As a general rule, no (see CSC 261 - Artificial Intelligence). However, you're in luck because one of our assignments this semester will use some AI techniques to solve a game.
Will we have to turn in the labs we do in class?
No. They are purely for your learning. If you do not finish them in class, I would guess it may take you at most 30 minutes to finish them. You'll have separate programming assignments that are more in-depth.
The only thing that I couldn't find is more insight about the exam. Are they going to be on paper or computer? Short answers or programming assignments or both?
Exams are in class and on paper. There will be short answers, short essays, and small code writing/reading problems.
Jerod Weinman
Created 22 August 2008