Best Papers
CSC 213 Operating Systems and Parallel Algorithms Fall 2008


We will read and discuss in class one or two of the best papers from the most recent top systems conferences. In this way, we'll be learning together:


Our candidates (listed in no particular order) are drawn from OSDI'06 (the 2008 conference will happen this December, so watch for those new best papers!), USENIX'07, USENIX'08, FAST'07, SOSP'07. See the list of papers below and read their abstracts.
  1. "Rethink the Sync" by Edmund B. Nightingale, Kaushik Veeraraghavan, Peter M. Chen, and Jason Flinn (OSDI '06)
  2. "Bigtable: A Distributed Storage System for Structured Data" by Fay Chang, Jeffrey Dean, Sanjay Ghemawat, Wilson C. Hsieh, Deborah A. Wallach, Mike Burrows, Tushar Chandra, Andrew Fikes, and Robert E. Gruber (OSDI '06)
  3. "SafeStore: A Durable and Practical Storage System" by Ramakrishna Kotla, Lorenzo Alvisi, and Mike Dahlin(USENIX '07)
  4. "TFS: A Transparent File System for Contributory Storage" by James Cipar, Mark D. Corner, and Emery D. Berger (FAST '07)
  5. "Secure Web Applications via Automatic Partitioning" by Stephen Chong, Jed Liu, Andrew C. Myers, Xin Qi, Krishnaprasad Vikram, Lantian Zheng, and Xin Zheng (SOSP '07)
  6. "Zyzzyva: Speculative Byzantine Fault Tolerance" by Ramakrishna Kotla, Lorenzo Alvisi, Mike Dahlin, Allen Clement, and Edmund Wong (SOSP '07)
  7. "Sinfonia: A New Paradigm for Building Scalable Distributed Systems" by Marcos K. Aguilera, Arif Merchant , Mehul Shah, Alistair Veitch, and Christos Karamanolis (SOSP '07)


Please vote by emailing your TOP TWO choices (by number) to the instructor by November 26.


You will be required to submit an approximately one-page response to the paper before class to help prepare you for the discussion. In particular, you should note:

You should include at least two primary points that critique, dispute, extend, or reinforce the paper. Email your responses (in plaintext, not as an attachment) to the instructor by 5 PM the day before the discussion.

Jerod Weinman
Created 20 June 2008
Revised 1 December 2008