Discussion Questions
CSC 213 Operating Systems and Parallel Algorithms Fall 2008


While I can surely deliver an interesting lecture that repeats the material from the text, I prefer to maximize the value of our classtime by making it worth the cost of a credit hour, rather than the cost of your textbook. Therefore, most class time will be devoted to clarifying topics from readings, tying topics together, and expanding ideas introduced in the text. To allow us to accomplish this, you are asked to read assigned materials before class and formulate one or two discussion questions. Some appropriate types of questions are:

Thus, questions should seek to clarify points of confusion or to expand ideas just introduced briefly. For the most part, you should avoid simple factual questions (unless the facts are in dispute). I will assume you have a clear understanding of topics not covered in questions, and you should be prepared to contribute to class discussions on these.


Throughout the semester, you will be expected to post discussion questions for about 30 reading assignments (which you can find on the schedule.) I expect an average of one discussion question per reading, for a total of 30 questions over the course of the semester. You may submit additional questions for extra credit, but only one will count as such per reading. However, extra questions are highly encouraged for the educational benefit they will provide you and your peers.

During the semester, threads with will appear in the Discussion Board for this course on PioneerWeb. In the "Discussion Questions" forum, each thread will have a subject of the form MM-DD, and the contents are the reading assignment for that day . You must post your questions no later than 5:00 pm on the calendar day before class. This gives the instructor time to review and prepare. The forum is moderated, so no other students will see your questions until after the deadline. You are encouraged to read the questions of others, as they may give you insight into things you thought you understood or didn't know you missed.

If for some reason, the instructor neglects to create threads in the discussion board before questions are due, please email them to the instructor with an appropriately clear subject line.

Jerod Weinman

Revised August 19, 2008
With thanks to Henry Walker
(Adapted from http://www.cs.grinnell.edu/~walker/courses/223.fa05/discussion-questions.shtml)