CSC 295 Computer Vision Spring 2010

What questions do you have for me?

What would you estimate to be the average amount of homework for each class period?
Good question. I would expect you to spend roughly an hour on any given reading (on average). While I hope you'll finish most of the laboratory exercises' technical content in class, this is hard to predict. Assuming that happens, then however long it takes you to produce your write-up outside of class. It will probably take you at least an hour to organize, produce, and proof a quality report. Please keep me posted on whether this is accurate.
How do you feel about food in class? Beverages? What if we share?
Thank you for asking. I prefer you not eat in class -- mostly because smells and sounds can be distracting. However, if you can inhale a granola bar (or something equally inoffensive in comparison to a fried onion sandwich) on the side, I probably won't complain. I'm indifferent to beverages. I find most students careful enough to avoid damaging the equipment.
Will the exams be take-home or in-class?
In class.
Would we have to sumbit the write-up in a particular format? If yes, what would the guidelines for that be?
I have no special format. I tried to outline what you should be sure to include in the Submission Guidelines. Please let me know if they are not specific enough.
Would we be working more on creating a model of the physical world that we would base our AI systems on or the actual AI?
A little bit of both. Vision spans many areas, one is 3-D reconstruction, the model you've suggested, and another is image interpretation, which is more in line with your notion of the "actual AI." Hopefully this will become a bit clearer as we navigate through the material.
Discussion of 'approaches' is allowed, but discussion of 'solutions' is not; I can understand some of what that means, but not all of it.
Let me try to outline a contrived example. Say your task is to convert a color image to grayscale. You can discuss that an "approach" might be to average the three color channels. However, you should not suggest Igray = sum(Icolor,3)/3;. That's probably too much detail. Of course, in more complicated problems the "approach" will be even more abstract and the line between approach and solution may be less clear. Certainly code is at the level of solution. In any case, feel free to ask if you are uncertain, and always be sure to cite your discussions.
Jerod Weinman
Created 27 January 2010