Summer 2018 MAP Application

Jerod Weinman


Applications for summer research with Professor Jerod Weinman must include answers to some preliminary questions as well as a description of a project you wish to undertake. You must also submit the divisional application online: Please submit your answers to the questions below via email to Professor Weinman [weinman].



Please send the following either as plain text in the body of an email or an attached PDF.


  1. Name
  2. Class year
  3. Major(s) (or "Undeclared"), Concentration (if applicable)
  4. GitHub username
  5. List the CS and Mathematics/Statistics courses you have taken or are currently enrolled in, the instructor, and grade you received in each.
  6. Explain what non-science courses (if any) you have taken that will contribute to your efforts on the project.
  7. List the programming languages you know and rate your ability to use each of these languages. Include one thing you love and one thing you loathe about each.
  8. Assess your writing skills.
  9. Explain any other applicable skills or background you bring to the project.
  10. Explain why you are prepared to do summer research under Grinnell's Mentored Advanced Project (499) rubric.
  11. Describe how you think undertaking a summer research project will influence your subsequent academic and post-graduation goals.
  12. If you are applying for summer opportunities elsewhere (e.g., REU or internship) and were offered both a Grinnell MAP and the other, which whould be your first choice?
  13. Describe what sets you apart from other students. That is, for what reasons should I select you over another applicant.
  14. What else would you like me to know?

Project Description

Write a few paragraphs describing what component/aspect of the project you find most interesting and how you would approach it. You should also discuss relevant details of the technologies you will rely on (languages, models, other programs, etc.) and some of your preliminary design ideas.
You will greatly strengthen your application by showing me that you've looked into related research and background materials. You will significantly weaken your application by writing poorly.

Code Sample

Include a program or piece of code from your personal portfolio. Write one paragraph (3-5 sentences) explaining the significance of the code to you (e.g., why you are proud of it, what makes it particularly compelling or interesting, etc.)


After reviewing applications submitted by the deadline, I may invite some applicants to meet for a brief (15 minute) interview/discussion about your application for the project.

Adapted from a 2009 and 2018 Summer Research Application by Sam Rebelsky. Used by permission.