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Chemical Sensitivities

The synthetic fragrances found in deodorants, lotions, after shave, body sprays, laundry products, perfume, cologne, etc. make many people who suffer with asthma, allergies, environmental sensitivities, cancer, and migraines much sicker.

While I look forward to seeing you, if you are wearing any scented products, please plan to visit me another time.

I am sensitive to many such chemicals you may not even notice, so please try to avoid using such scented products before coming to class and especially if you visit my office. Thank you for understanding if I need to ask you to make alternative arrangements.

Spring 2023

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  Jerod Weinman
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For sign-up hours, you use the online booking system to reserve a time. Otherwise, you may simply come by (preferably during drop-in hours; if sign ups are full there may or may not be time to meet). When lines form during drop-in hours, I try to be conscientious of your time waiting.

If you cannot attend a scheduled office hour, you may also email me to schedule an appointment; please include 3–4 possible meeting times maximize the likelihood of finding one that works for both of us.