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In addition to participating in the UMass Center for Teaching's TA Orientation (first as a participant, and ultimately as a workshop presenter), I have recently completed their Teaching Documentation Program.

This program equips participants with teaching theory, a teaching assessment, and the development of improvement practices. In particular, I learned many things about teaching and learning in a course called Introduction to College Teaching. An in-class observation of one of my lectures by a Center for Teaching staff member has also helped me focus my improvement efforts. Finally, reflecting on particular class activities (like the one described in my teaching materials) has helped to find strengths and weaknesses in my various teaching styles.

The entire process has been informative and has prepared me to learn as much from my students as vice-versa. The following is a formal letter documenting my participation in the program.

PDF Teaching Documentation Program, Letter from the Center for Teaching

Other Material

  • "Risk Communication" Course Proposal
    Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology, 2000

    Written as part of a course on Ethics in Human Communication, this course proposal was geared for the Humanities & Social Sciences Department.